Delivering high-quality products and services

In order to keep you safe and to ensure that we deliver a high-quality service, both our organisation and our staff have obtained a range of different certifications and qualifications. What’s more, our technical managers, project heads and installation/maintenance technicians are given regular training in new technology, meaning they are 100% autonomous when it comes to your equipment.

Our certifications

NF Service
• Business relationships
• Maintenance
• Customer satisfaction and organisational arrangements
• Personnel skills

APSAD In France, APSAD certification attests to the quality of a fire, intruder or video security system, in addition to remote surveillance systems.
• Design
• Installation and set-up
• Handover and initial checks
• Periodic check-ups
• Material resources

Our qualifications

• CACES category 1B / 3B
• Electrical accreditation
• TCP/IP Ethernet
• TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), global certification covering freight, transport and logistics security