A strong commitment, looking ahead to the future

On top of our security policy, at VK Electronic, we have made a commitment to a meaningful, forward-looking and flexible CSR initiative across the entire group.

What began as a Safety & Environment policy…

For a number of years now, we have implemented a range of measures aimed at keeping our employees safe and respecting the environment:

  • Noise reduction: the equipment used during work conforms to the applicable regulations governing noise levels for heavy plant machinery. Any noisy work is carried out so as not to have any adverse effects on the service in question.
  • All work is completed in such a way that enables you to get on with your business.
  • Worksite cleanliness: doors and windows are hermetically sealed in order to prevent dust from spreading, while all premises are cleaned on a daily basis, with waste, cardboard boxes and gravel removed.
  • Checks are carried out on materials to ensure quality
  • We have introduced a secure working methodology

…is now strengthened through our CSR initiative

Our CSR initiative can be broken down into three key components, enabling us to drive the group forward towards lasting growth: economics, social and the environment.

Our commitments for 2020:

  • Eco-efficiency: using clean vehicles, selecting local suppliers, optimising journeys, etc.
  • Responsible purchasing, helping to improve the efficiency and the quality of our services and to keep overall costs down
  • Respecting regulations and procedures: reducing our carbon footprint, going paperless for administrative exchanges, purchasing traceability, etc.
  • Respecting the environment: reducing fuel, water, gas and electricity consumption by 20%, reducing the waste produced on our sites by 20%, daily green actions, energy-efficient driving, etc.
  • Safety and good working conditions through our programme geared towards quality of work life.