At your side, when you need us

We will support you throughout your project, helping to keep your site, your property and your personnel safe. For this reason, we have introduced different services for you to use depending on your requirements.

Audits & assessments

Giving you the best possible advice


Ensuring optimised implementation

Maintenance & remote services

Ensuring your equipment is reliable for as long as possible


Giving you greater control over your equipment

Audits & assessments

Giving you the best possible advice

The various different analysis tools at our disposal mean we are able to carry out in-depth analysis of your site, your security equipment and any areas in which you might be vulnerable, recommending solutions tailored to meet your situation, your objectives and your budget.

The advantages of choosing us

• Technology monitoring
• Independence from our manufacturers
• Continuous training for our personnel
• In-depth knowledge of the equipment available on the market

Audit objectives

• Personalised risk analysis
• In-depth analysis of any security and protection equipment you may already have in place, with a view towards optimisation or upgrades
• To detect any areas where the system used to protect your company might be vulnerable


Following installation, as part of your service contract, we can carry out an annual evaluation of your system in order to ensure that it meets your changing needs.


Ensuring optimised implementation

Once we have precisely determined your needs and the corresponding solutions, our technicians will then install the equipment on your site. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and in the interests of efficiency and longevity, we also offer maintenance.

Our design offices

At each of our branches, our design offices are constantly on the lookout for new technology. What this means is that they are able to recommend the best solutions available on the market, providing any advice you may need in terms of innovation, reliability and the longevity of your systems.

Our operational teams

All of our solutions are installed by our technical personnel. Wiring, connection, configuration, programming next-gen technical systems, set-up - you name it, our staff will do it.

Maintenance & remote services

Ensuring your equipment is reliable for as long as possible

Our personnel take responsibility for preventative and curative maintenance on your security and protection equipment, drawing on their experience and their specialist skills. All of our IT specialists, engineers, technicians and installers have the flexibility to enable them to provide you with a tailored response as and when you need it. Our specialists also do call-outs, given that breakdowns can happen at any time.

Our services

• Preventative and curative maintenance
• Call-outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Remote diagnostic
• Remote management for installations
• Knowledge of sites

Our additional services

• We keep a buffer stock in place, ensuring enhanced responsiveness
• We carry out remote diagnostics in order to take effective action
• We provide remote verification and maintenance
• We offer annual evaluations aimed at verifying that your protection equipment is adapted to your changing needs

Pooled contracts

Often operating across a number of sites, our national clients need specific contracts in order to enable them to manage them all. • General operating costs
• Multiple annual call-outs
• Multiple visits, either in person or remotely


Giving you greater control over your equipment

For optimised use of your security and protection equipment within your company, it is essential that your staff are given the right training. We have set up accessible, comprehensive training courses for this very purpose.
• Configuration of operating tools in accordance with your requirements
• Use of installed systems
• Training upgrades integrated into the service contract